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SIS deals as network consultant, Network Solutions provides you cost effective and highly reliable computer operating system support & solutions for windows 2000 /2003 /NT /Vista /Win7 /Win8.1 / Win10 and Linux Operating system. Setting up and maintaining proper function of client computers for small or medium size offices. Implementation and troubleshooting of various windows based Operating Systems. Integration of Network Operating System of multiple LANs and WANs. Also, Installation, Maintenance and Administration of Windows Based Servers, Unix Servers & Linux Servers.  

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Installation and implementation of required operating system be it Windows 2000 servers or Windows NT on various servers. We setup a robust network of administrator and clients for small scale organizations to large scale organizations. We further ensure the safety and security of an organization by applying various security checks and controls on the client computers. Limiting users by setting up a system of authority to server Administrators for granting selective permission to the client’s computers. 

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Linux Server Operating Systems are more robust and efficient in comparison to Windows Servers and are considered to have better security. We have expert engineers who easily install and implement Linux Servers. Since very few small business scale organizations go for Linux Servers due to cost related factors but we setup these servers at very competitive and reasonable cost. We also provide engineer support on regular onsite visits or on basis of Computer Service Contract (AMC).