Network Security


LAN solutions links together electronic equipment, such as computers and word processors, and hence forms a network within a building, office or any other area. Whether your considering a LAN connection or have an existing one in place, SIS have a range of services to offer. Apart from taking care of the set up, our technicians help you to increase the system productivity. Their years of experience in the networking area that can benefit your organization.

WAN solutions uses devices as telephone lines, satellite dishes, or radio waves to span a larger geographic area than can be covered by a LAN. We are among the leaders in providing extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of network systems like WAN. Our qualified team of engineers support your software needs,network security, network firewall whether it be on a user's workstation or your company's file server.


90% of IT Systems have serious flaws that can disrupt or in the worst case kill your business. If you’re not 100% confident in your system then take an IT Health Check and then gain total peace of mind. Supram Info Solutions will provide you with a detailed written report in plain English that outlines where you are at high risk for viruses, downtime, or other problems, and how you can eliminate those risks.We send a senior technician to your office and conduct a thorough assessment of your network.