AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

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Our Annual Maintenance Service (AMC) or Computer Services Contract is available with regular check-up or with, on call basis. We are providing cost-effective Computer Hardware & Networking AMC solutions to its valued clients in Government, Corporate, Hospitality and Educational sectors. We help you extend your enterprise through intelligent network, security and applications services that maximize your employee productivity with the collaborative efficiency that they unlock by providing Best Computer Infrastructure AMC Service. 

Maintenance for all computer network related products and also the complete IT infrastructure of organizations, small business companies. we will allot experts to your campaigns and we will be managing your campaigns over a period of one year. Annual Computer Maintenance services are available at lowest and affordable prices. Online support is offered during office hours, at your service through phone/ internet. We offer maintenance and replacement service to your hardware problems, virus remover, computer serviceat your place, to reduce your machines down time. We serve you to get parts repaired at good competitive charges and arrange computer parts at best prices available in the industry. 

Why Computer AMC service from us?

  • Our Technical team is always available to provide support to you. Our technical executive understand your problem and forward it to concern Engineer or department to avoid delay of service to provide you best computer AMC service experience.
  • We have a well qualified technical team. Who are well enough trained to provide great solutions for you query.
  • Time is very important. sometimes we need to fix the problem within minutes and hour we have solutions for it too. We provide remote support to provide you instant support so that you can continue you important work quickly without any problem.
  • Now there is no need to wait for any engineer to come we will fix your problem remotely. Provide access to your system to our engineer and he will troubleshoot your hardware or software problem instantly. You can also try our telephonic support.

Services we cover in Annual Maintenance Contract?

  • In our Computer AMC Contract (AMC),We check your system periodically to avoid system failure. Our visit include Service of the computer, checking for unwanted files, checking for viruses or malwares, Disk checkup and PC Tuneup.
  • In our Computer AMC Service, we install fresh windows or other operating system whenever it got crashed. We repair the operating system for corrupted windows file and provide all system level support. 
  • We ensure best network configuration according to your business need and avoid unwanted access to your network and data over network. We provide support to all Modem, Router, Switches.
  • Business Application MS office, Tally, ERP Software plays very important role in business. We provide technical support for all your business application and ensure 100% Uptime.
    We also provide support for your business mails (outlook mails) like configuration, pst reparing, Backup etc.
  • Whenever you plan to install new software or hardware in our office you can get free support and consultancy from us. We also provides Hardware software up-gradation. Hard disk Replacement, RAM up-gradation, CPU Up-gradation etc.